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Whitetail hunting in Southeast Iowa (Mt. Pleasant/Henry County)


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whitetail deer hunting in Iowa

Whitetail Deer Hunting & Turkey Hunting in Southeast Iowa!

Deer hunter with buck in Southeast Iowa (Mt. Pleasant/Henry County)Oakview Outfitters LLC is located in southeast Iowa in Henry County, near Mt. Pleasant. As a high quality deer outfitter, we have some of the best whitetail deer hunting in Southeast Iowa! We offer whitetail deer hunting in DNR zones 5 & 6 and turkey hunting in zone 4. The timber parcels are separated by open meadows of CRP land, pasture, and creek bottoms. This is all connected together with wooded and brushy draws that provide excellent cover for big whitetail bucks and wild turkey. Food plots of corn and milo are planted to attract and keep the trophy whitetail deer and wild turkey on our land. This also supplies plenty of feed during the oftentimes tough winters Iowa is known to have.

All of our whitetail deer hunting and wild turkey hunting trips are semi-guided fair chase hunts. We scout the area and then place stands to give you the best opportunity for your hunt. Iowa is on a draw system, usually applying by mid-May and drawing in mid-June. We will send applications to you. No deposit is required until after a successful draw.

We are very fortunate to offer high quality trophy deer hunting in Southeast Iowa where there is a superior quality of genetics to be offered. You will find whitetail bucks that will score 130" and up are common. The land we offer for hunting is all private land, to ensure the highest quality of hunts available. The use of scents, calls and rattling have been proven effective when used correctly. We are one of the best deer outfitters in Southeast Iowa!


Family Owned and Operated - Deer Outfitters in Southeast Iowa

We are a family run hunting business that has enjoyed great whitetail deer hunting and wild turkey hunting success. We place a very high value on your safety and success. The number of whitetail hunters is limited to ensure that both of these goals are reached.

Deer hunter with buck in Southeast Iowa (Mt. Pleasant/Henry County)

Whitetail deer from near Oakview Outfitters in Southeast Iowa


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